Half Day Tours

Grand Harbour 'Valletta and Three Cities'
4 hours

Ancient Maritime City of Birgu


Tour Description

Our tour starts with a visit to the oldest part of the Grand Harbour and the Three Cities. We first visit the Gardjola Gardens, here you can admire the magnificent view from the Vedette (watch tower used by the Knights). We continue with the tour of this area and our next stop is the old city of Birgu. In 1532 the Knights of St. John first settled in this area and we will give you an insight to an era dominated by the Knights of St. John. Our walking tour will take us to the heart of the city, the narrow streets and quaint alleys known as the 'collacchio', an area of old Palazzo's which were the original Auberges occupied by the Knights. We end our walking tour of Birgu on the stunning waterfront, the very place where the Knights' berthed their magnificent galleys.

Our next stop is across the harbour and the modern city built by the Knights of St. John in 1566. Our tour of Valletta starts at the Barraka Gardens which offer stunning views of the Grand Harbour and magnificent fortifications, a walk down Triq Repubblika where you can admire numerous historical buildings built by the Knights of St. John including the Auberges, the Grand Masters Palace and the St. John's Co. Cathedral, the church of the Order and also home to Caravaggio's masterpiece "Beheading of St. John" amongst other treasures. Our tour ends here and we make our way back to your hotel.

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