Full Day Tours

Megalithic Temples of Malta
7/8 hours

Hagar Qim Temples


Tour Description

Full day Megalithic Temples tour is not available during July & August due to the intense heat. A half day/4 hour is possible mornings only.

An insight into an era dominated by Neolithic man on a tour that will unfold our ancient history dating back a staggering 5000years.

During the morning we will be visiting the Hagar Qim Temple Complex which includes Hagar Qim and Mnajdra Temples. Before entering the temples we start at the new visitors centre which will help you understand how these magnificent temples where built over 5000 years ago! We then continue with a tour to the Hagar Qim Temple. This temple has the largest and heaviest megaliths out of all the temple sites around the Maltese Islands, some slabs weighing a staggering 20 tons. Also forming part of this temple complex is the Mnajdra Temple which lies tucked on a slope in the cliffs, overlooking the tiny isle of Filfla. This site is probably the most atmospheric of all Malta’s temples and during the Equinox, on the 20th March and the 22nd September, the rays of the sun pass directly through the temple’s main doorway and light up the main axis. The rays of sun during the Solstices light up the summer table and the winter table alternately.

We proceed with our tour passing the Blue Grotto (if time allows we may also have time to visit the grotto) and typical local villages until we reach the fishing village of Marsaxlokk. Here we will stop for a lunch break before continuing with our tour.

In the afternoon we will visit two very important sites. Our first stop will be the Tarxien Temples. Tarxien was the first temple site to be excavated scientifically with photographs taken every step of the way and it offers a unique collection of circa. 3000 BC sanctuaries. Stone idols and tablets, domestic animals carved in relief, altars and screens decorated with spiral designs and other patterns, oracular chambers and riches enhance the attractions of these temples. The elevated walkway constructed around the whole temple site provides an excellent view of the four temples from above.

Our last stop is at the UNESCO World Heritage Site the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum. A unique archaeological site. This ancient underground monument is 12 metres below street level. It consists of a network of passages, chambers and caves cut on three levels, similar to the interior of an above-ground megalithic temple. An impressive part of the temple is the "Holy of Holies" and one of the most important prehistoric masterpieces known as the "Sleeping Lady" was also found here.

At this stage our tour comes to an end and we will make our way back.

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